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International Cooperation

Science and research is conducted within a national and international context. The DFG operates at various international levels in order to network and promote excellent research in Germany on a global scale.

The DFG supports international cooperation in all its funding programmes. In order to facilitate transnational research cooperation, it maintains relations with a large number of foreign partner organisations. As a politically independent funding organisation, the DFG plays a strategic role in international research policy and is member of various scientific and science policy organisations and bodies at European and global level.

This website provides an overview of international funding opportunities, international activities, the DFG’s representations abroad and news.

International Funding

Funding opportunities with international participation and cooperation Interner Linkmore

International Activities

Strategic orientation and activities worldwide and in the European Research Area Interner Linkmore


News and announcements in the field of international cooperation Interner Linkmore

Calls for Proposals

Information for Researchers of international relevance Interner Linkmore

The DFG Abroad

Strategic priorities of the DFG in selected countries and regions Interner Linkmore

Research in Germany

The DFG’s involvement in the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research Interner Linkmore

HAW-Initiative                    UDIF-HAW

Modern research is international! This requires good networking. Interner Linkmore

Principles and Guidelines for International Activities (2019)

In its Principles and Guidelines for International Activities, the DFG sets out the many ways in which it is committed to the internationalisation of German research and to shaping international and European research policy.