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Annual Surveys in Coordinated Programmes

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How many people are financed by Excellence Initiative funds? How many doctorates are completed in Research Training Groups and Collaborative Research Centres? What new professorships have been established in clusters of excellence and graduate schools?

To answer questions like these in relation to the Excellence Initiative, Collaborative Research Centres and Research Training Groups, the DFG issues regular statistical reports and evaluative studies. To supplement the data collected during the processing of proposals, the DFG carries out annual surveys of funded research groups

Auxiliary Questionnaire

The auxiliary questionnaire is available in two formats, PDF and RTF. Please choose the format which is most convenient for you.



Help with the Survey Instrument

Here you can view a guide to the online survey instrument explaining what it contains and how it works.

Subject Classification System of the Federal Statistical Office

Please use the subject classification system by the Federal Statistical Office for individuals who have newly joined a group.


The FAQs below provide answers to frequently asked questions about the survey.

Data protection

The data collected is treated as confidential in accordance with data protection regulations. It is always anonymised before being used, i.e. it is not published in such a way that it can be linked to a particular individual.

The survey pages for a research group can only be accessed by the group itself via the access code. Pages are protected against misuse by third parties.

Survey Hotline

Telephone: +49 (228) 885 3033
(during survey from Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am - noon)
E-mail: Link auf E-Mailerhebung-koordinierte-programme@dfg.de