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Underrepresented Gender at the Project Management Level in Individual Research Areas

For information on gender inclusion funding for spokespersons, please refer to the information in the form below.

Only spokespersons/coordinators whose gender is underrepresented at the management level in their specific fields can apply for gender inclusion funding. For interdisciplinary research collaborations, the subject affiliation of the spokesperson/coordinator is decisive. In almost all university teaching and research areas, female professors are underrepresented.

The following research areas are exceptions. In these, the gender ratio is considered to be balanced and therefore gender inclusion funding cannot be requested.

  • Humanities in general
  • General and Comparative Literatures and Languages
  • German Studies (German, Germanic Languages excl. English)
  • English Studies, American Studies
  • Romance Studies
  • Cultural Studies in the narrower sense
  • Social Sciences/Sociology
  • Social Services
  • Education
  • Health Sciences (General)
  • Nutritional Sciences and Home Economics
  • Art, Art Theory (General)
  • Visual Arts

This is based on the total number of professorships (including W1) at all universities. The gender ratio is considered balanced at 50 % +/- 5 percentage points. For the data basis, refer to the following publication by the German Federal Statistical Office: Fachserie 11, Reihe 4.4, Auszug S. 126-132, 2021 (2022).