Exchange with "University Research Administrators" (URA)

Picture of the Hitotsubashi University Campus

Hitotsubashi University Campus


(08.06.22) DFG Office Japan is strengthening its relations to University Research Administrator (URA) Offices at national Universities at the beginning of the new fiscal year. Personal exchange has been limited during the pandemic since early 2020 and international cooperationen had to be moved to online platforms. The initiation of new contacts was difficult.

As Japan is gradually opening its borders and resuming international activities, DFG Office Japan is intensifying its ties to central stakeholders. In April we visited the Tokyo Institute of Technology (TITECH), Saitama University, Tsukuba University, Yokohama National University, University of Tokyo, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Tokyo Metropolitan University and Hitotsubashi University. With universities outside of the Tokyo area online meetings were organized.

Together with the URA we will continue to support German-Japanese cooperation.