The DFG and the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development are funding two German-Japanese research projects in the neurosciences in the field of “computational connectomics”

(17.12.20) Two German-Japanese projects are being funded under the second funding period of the DFG Priority Programme 2041 “Computational Connectomics”, which was launched in 2016. The projects “The Role of Dynamic Functional Connectivity for Semantic and Emotional Aspects of Natural Thought Processes” and “Computational and Physiological Approaches to the Study of the Fear Connectome in Primates” were proposed for funding in the review process on both sides.

The cooperation will involve Dr. Nicolas Schuck, Head of the Max Planck Research Unit “NeuroCode – Neural Foundations of Learning and Decision-Making” and Dr. Mingbo Cai, who works at the International Research Center of Neurointelligence (IRCN) at the University of Tokyo, as well as Dr. Peter Dayan of the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics and Dr. Ken-ichi Amemori, who works at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology in Kyoto.

In this way, the DFG and AMED are expanding their cooperation, which has existed since 2016, to include the area of joint project funding.