Health promotion

Health management at the DFG aims to guarantee the best possible working conditions for employees and is broken down into the following areas of activity:

  • Occupational health and safety: We attach high priority to the safety, health and well-being of our employees; for this reason comprehensive occupational safety measures and ergonomically well-equipped workplaces are a matter of course.
  • Health promotion: Anyone who wishes to actively maintain and boost their health can count on the support of the DFG. Services include in-house medical officers and social counselling. Regular action days/talks on the subject of health offer wide-ranging suggestions and concrete offerings in the area of prevention and health promotion. For the purpose of relaxation and recreational exercise, the DFG provides a mobile massage service, a relaxation room, various courses and in-house sports. At regular intervals, employees at the DFG Head Office have the opportunity to take advantage of preventive and health promotion offerings on Health Day.
  • The project “Implementation of Strategic Workplace Health Management” aims to ensure strategic planning and needs-based orientation of health promotion measures at the workplace. Health management and the development of a sustainable in-house health management programme made up of individual activities is a worthwhile undertaking: as a structured process, it covers all the organisation’s activities from the perspective of health promotion (both physical and mental). The aim is to create sound working conditions at the organisational level (situational prevention) while at the same time changing the behaviour and attitudes of employees towards health in the long term (behavioural prevention).
  • A healthy working environment: With a view to ensuring job satisfaction and the well-being of our employees, we pay particular attention to the quality of leadership, working relationships and communication, as well as the consideration of family and personal issues. The Personal Development Plan (PEP) offers tools and suggestions for your individual development from qualified employee to manager, supporting you as a team or department leader in reflecting on what Leadership@DFG means when you take on a management role at the DFG Head Office for the first time.
  • We provide active support for people with disabilities or chronic illnesses and endeavour to meet their specific needs in working life. Further information (in German only)