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(09.11.20) The DFG is establishing ten new Research Training Groups (RTGs) to further support early career researchers. This decision was made by the relevant Grants Committee, which met by video conference due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new RTGs will receive a total of approximately €48 million over a period of four and a half years from spring 2021 onwards. Fifteen RTGs were also extended for an additional funding period. Interner Linkmore

Cooperation with Partners in France and Japan DFG to Fund Nine Artificial Intelligence Projects

(16.10.20) The DFG is funding nine artificial intelligence projects in cooperation with the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR, France) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST, Japan). Researchers from all three countries will be cooperating on these projects, which will receive funding amounting to approximately €7 million from the institutions involved. Interner Linkmore

NOBEL PRIZE IN CHEMISTRY DFG congratulates Emmanuelle Charpentier

(07.10.20) The DFG is delighted that Professor Dr. Emmanuelle Charpentier has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020. DFG President Katja Becker: “The DFG congratulates Emmanuelle Charpentier, whose name is linked with the CRISPR-Cas9 method, one of the greatest breakthroughs made in the life sciences in recent decades. It was only quite recently, in 2016, that we honoured this groundbreaking achievement by awarding her the DFG’s Leibniz Prize.” Interner Linkmore

Nobel Prize in Physics DFG congratulates Reinhard Genzel

(06.10.20) The DFG congratulates Professor Dr. Reinhard Genzel on the award of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2020. DFG President Katja Becker: “The DFG is delighted for Reinhard Genzel, who is renowned for his outstanding knowledge-driven research into one of the most fundamental questions of our universe. We are particularly pleased that we awarded him the DFG’s Leibniz Prize back in 1990 for the first ground-breaking research in the same field.” Interner Linkmore


Annual funding call18 UK-German Collaborative Research Projects

The Arts and Humanities Research Council of the UK Research and Innovation and the DFG are pleased to announce funding for 18 UK-German collaborative research projects. The second round will bring together arts and humanities researchers in the UK and Germany to conduct joint research projects. Interner Linkmore

Latest Meetings of the Statutory BodiesFocusing on Sustainability

The DFG intends to intensify and systematically expand its activities in the field of sustainability. President Katja Becker announced this in the latest meetings of its statutory bodies. Numerous research projects relating to sustainability issues have already been funded for over a decade. As have several senate commissions. Interner Linkmore

Health and Safety at WorkEnglish Version of 2020 List of MAK and BAT Values

The DFG's Permanent Senate Commission for the Investigation of Health Hazards of Chemical Compounds in the Work Area has published the English version of the 56th List of Maximum Workplace Concentrations (MAK values) and Biological Tolerance Values (BAT values). Interner Linkmore

FAQs on submitting proposals to funding programmes

The FAQs were compiled to assist prospective applicants in submitting proposals to the DFG. They provide information on various DFG funding programmes and serve to complement existing guidelines and instructions. Interner Linkmore