Händel Animal Welfare Prize 2024

DFG honours Peter Loskill and Silke Riegger for their organ-on-chip systems


By developing, applying and disseminating organ-on-chip systems, the prizewinners have contributed significantly to replacing animal models with suitable alternatives. The award ceremony is to take place in Würzburg on 6 June.

Competitive procedure for Universities of Excellence Initiated

German Science and Humanities Council issues second Call for Proposals

6. Logo_Exzellenstrategie_EN

On 28 March the competitive procedure was initiated for the selection of further Universities of Excellence or University Excellence Consortia under the Excellence Strategy run by the German federal and state governments. 

DFG Adopts Europe Strategy

Ten objectives for European involvement for the period up until 2030


Cross-border cooperation is a cornerstone of research in Europe. The DFG has now presented a strategy paper that sets out its European activities in the coming years. 

Learning from the Pandemic for Better Preparedness

Final Report issued by the Commission for Pandemic Research

Foto: Coronavirus-Pandemie

After three and a half years of work, the Commission emphasises the importance of interdisciplinary research while at the same time stressing the need for further research and calling for a science-driven reappraisal and advisory structures. 

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