The German research landscape

Overview of university and regional profiles

German research is as diverse as science itself. With the aid of an interactive map and individual university views, the Funding Atlas 2018 shows the principal areas of research at German universities and what kind of research is being conducted in Germany’s different regions.

Funding Atlas 2018

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Since 2006, the Funding Atlas has presented a detailed picture of the profiles of German universities and regions. Under ‘University views’, the new edition also presents profile views for over 80 institutions showing each university’s individual DFG profile. These show the scope of DFG awards by research area. The DFG profile is supplemented by a representation of the university’s most frequent partner countries in EU-funded network projects.

The new interactive map provides a customisable view of the research profiles of Germany’s federal states and regions. You can create your own personal view of research funding in Germany using five third-party funding themes.

The new representations of the data provide an even clearer picture of the subject and funding areas that are particularly strong in a given university or region.

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Figure 4-1: DFG awards for 2014 to 2016 by research area (png)

Figure 4-2: R&D project funding from the federal government 2014 to 2016 by funding area (png)

Figure 4-3: Funding in Horizon 2020 – EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation 2014 to 2016 by programme section (png)

Figure 4-5: DFG awards for 2014 to 2016 by research field in the humanities and social sciences (png)

Figure 4-7: DFG awards for 2014 to 2016 by research field in the life sciences (png)

Figure 4-9: DFG awards for 2014 to 2016 by research field in the natural sciences (png)

Figure 4-11: DFG awards for 2014 to 2016 by research field in the engineering sciences

Figure Web-6: Similarity diagram of the 40 universities with the greatest volume of DFG awards – principal component analysis by DFG research area (png)