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Things to Know about the Proposal and Funding Process

Individual Grants Programmes – A How-To Guide

Are you pursuing an individual project or do you seek funding as an individual? Here you will find all you need to know about the relevant funding opportunities offered by the DFG. Interner Linkmore

How Does the DFG Decide on Funding Proposals?

The DFG has developed a multi-stage procedure so as to provide funding for the best projects from among all the proposals received. Here you will find information on how this procedure works. Interner Linkmore

About the elan Portal

You will be submitting your proposal via the DFG’s elan portal. Externer Linkmore

Forms and Guidelines

Overview of all forms and guidelines relating to the DFG’s funding programmes. Interner Linkmore


Overview of all FAQs sorted by category. Interner Linkmore

Subject Area Structure and Interdisciplinarity

How does the DFG’s subject classification system work, and what happens to proposals for interdisciplinary research projects? Interner Linkmore


For every subject area and every funding opportunity, you can contact the relevant persons at the DFG Head Office. Here, you will find an overview of the DFG Head Office as well as detailed lists of contact details. Interner Linkmore