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Funded NFDI consortia

Here you can find an overview of the funded consortia in the NFDI.

DataPLANT - Data in Plant research (Biology)Externer Linkhttp://nfdi4plants.de/ 
GHGA - German Human Genome Archive (Medicine)Externer Linkhttps://ghga.dkfz.de/ 
KonsortSWD - Consortium for the Social, Behavioural, Educational, and Economic Sciences (Social Sciences)Externer Linkhttps://www.konsortswd.de/ 
NFDI4BioDiversität - Biodiversity, Ecology & Envi-ronmental Data (Biology)Externer Linkhttps://www.nfdi4biodiversity.org/ 
NFDI4Cat - NFDI for Catalysis-Related Sciences (Chemistry)Externer Linkhttp://gecats.org/NFDI4Cat.html 
NFDI4Chem - Chemistry Consortium in the NFDI (Chemistry)Externer Linkhttps://www.nfdi4chem.de/ 
NFDI4Culture - Consortium for research data on ma-terial and immaterial cultural heritage (Humanities)Externer Linkhttps://nfdi4culture.de/ 
NFDI4Health - National Research Data Infrastructure for Personal Health Data (Medicine)Externer Linkhttps://www.nfdi4health.de/ 
NFDI4Ing - National Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering Sciences (Engineering Sciences)Externer Linkhttps://nfdi4ing.de/