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Information for reviewers and committee members

Logo: Promoting Equal Opportunity

In order to successfully promote equal opportunities throughout the DFG’s advisory and decision-making process, the cooperation of all researchers working for the DFG is indispensable.

Here, reviewers and committee members can find information on how to take aspects of equal opportunity and diversity into account when reviewing and assessing proposals and making decisions on DFG funding.

1. Aspects relating to the applicants and the composition of the project working group

2. Aspects relating to scientific project planningt

3. Information on which measures DFG applicants can apply for with regard to diversity and equal opportunity:

4. Flat-rate allowance to cover childcare costs for reviewers and committee members

Researchers with families who undertake committee or review activities for the DFG can claim a lump-sum allowance for childcare costs of €60 per meeting day as part of their travel expense claim.

Further Information

Contact persons

Here you will find the right contacts at the DFG Head Office for various matters: