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FAQ: International

Is it possible to submit a project proposal with international participation to the DFG?


Proposals for research projects with international participation can be submitted at any time within any programme in the DFG funding portfolio (standing open call). The DFG also has agreements with specific countries and regions on special funding opportunities. In addition to project funding, there are funding opportunities designed to intensify international cooperation.

Where can I find the guidelines on proposals for international projects?

For a project proposal with international participation, please note the funding principles for international cooperation

There are various funding opportunities for international cooperation:

All DFG programmes are open to international cooperation. Information about all programmes and the associated guidelines is available at:

Special funding opportunities (e.g. calls) associated with specific countries and regions and the associated guidelines can be found at:

The DFG offers funding opportunities for the intensification and initiation of international cooperation. Information about the various programmes and the associated guidelines is available at:

You can also read the FAQs on other topics:

How is funding organised for proposals with international participation?

In the case of research grants, as a general rule the DFG only funds the part of the project based in Germany. Complementary funding of the international part of the project can be provided by the partner organisation, another funding organisation, the relevant university or non-university research institution, or another source.

Only in special cases involving collaboration with researchers abroad can the international part of a project be funded by the DFG. These are

and individual central projects in


Unlike some funding organisations in other countries, the DFG does not generally make special funds available for the funding of international cooperation projects. In other words, proposals for international cooperations must compete with all other proposals in the same DFG programme.

Does the DFG have other international activities as well as funding projects with international participation?

The DFG is actively involved in the formulation of international research policy. In line with its international and European strategy, it is represented in various scientific and science policy organisations and bodies at international and European level and maintains relations with a large number of foreign partner organisations all over the world. The DFG's presence abroad helps to intensify cooperation with particular countries and continents. The DFG promotes Germany as a place of research through international research marketing.