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Information on the coronavirus pandemic

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Here we provide ongoing information about the work of the DFG in the context of the coronavirus pandemic– for researchers, the media and the public.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the DFG continuously adjusted its funding activities and took measures to cushion the impact of the pandemic. For example, Corona emergency measures became available for already funded projects, and new funding opportunities were created to address especially urgent research questions requiring rapid answers. An Interdisciplinary Commission on Pandemic Research was established in June 2020. In addition a Senate Working Group convened in July 2021 will also address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on research activity, individual career paths, and funding actions.

DFG funding activities in context of the pandemic

Temporary and regular measures and funding of the DFG in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. Interner Linkmore

Commission for Pandemic Research

The commission is to strengthen the knowledge-driven research and identify research needs. Interner Linkmore

Senate Working Group of the Pandemic

The Senate Working Group on the Challenges of the Coronavirus Pandemic is dealing with the effects of the pandemic. Interner Linkmore