Initiation of International Collaboration

Applicants interested in establishing collaborative scientific relationships with partners abroad may apply for funding for trips abroad, guest visits or for exploratory workshops.


This grant programme aims to support the initiation of international research collaboration. It consists of the components “Exploratory Workshops”, “Project-related Trips Abroad” and “Project-related Guest Visits”.
This funding instrument is not intended to support international conferences (see International Scientific Events and Annual Conferences of Scientific and Academic Associations, DFG form 1.09), the implementation of joint research projects (see Research Grants Programme, DFG form 50.01) or meetings of research networks (see Scientific Networks, DFG form 1.03).

Eligibility Requirements

Researchers who have already achieved their doctorates and who are working in the German scientific system may apply. Special rules apply to members of non-university research institutions (see guidelines).

Type and Extent of Funding

If several different modules will be used during a short time frame and doing so will enable cooperation preparations to be made particularly effectively, the modules may be combined. The funding remains available for a maximum of 12 months after the approval date, and the individual collaborative measures must be carried out within this time frame.

Funding is available for the following collaborative measures:

  • Trips abroad (max. three months) or guest visits in Germany (max. three month);
  • Exploratory workshops.

Where such agreements exist, these measures may also be funded jointly by partner organisations abroad.

Forms and Guidelines

Proposals may be submitted at any time.

The department responsible for your subject at the DFG head Office will be happy to provide you with further information.

For regional information on Initiation of Bilateral Cooperation please refer to the following list of DFG contacts.