National and international cooperation

Support is offered to German information centres for the purpose of setting up facilities and services that form part of the global network of information systems through collaborative partnerships.

Knowledge Exchange

The DFG is one of the partners of the European expert network Knowledge Exchange. The other partners involved in this joint initiative of national institutions to promote, develop and provide information infrastructures are CSC in Finland, CNRS in France, DeiC in Denmark, Jisc in the UK and SURF in the Netherlands.

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Knowledge Exchange seeks to draw on the input of international experts to serve higher education and research by tapping into the latest advances in the field of digital information infrastructures.

Its work is internationally oriented and focuses on information-sharing, exploring relevant themes and identifying new technical solutions and trends in the field of digital information infrastructure. This is primarily done by establishing networks of numerous experts on the various Knowledge Exchange themes. Activities are consistently geared toward providing researchers with access to all academically relevant information and data through user-friendly systems that transcend national borders.



Knowledge Exchange is currently working on the themes of Open Access and Open Scholarship. In the field of Open Access, there are activities on the publication of reproducible research results, support for small-scale publishers in the Open Access transformation and publication platforms. In the field of Open Scholarship, the focus is on measuring research performance and persistent identifiers as well as FAIR data and software. For an overview of current and past work done by Knowledge Exchange, see the website:

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Other Selected Activities and Publications

Science Europe is an association of the most important research and funding organisations in the field of basic research in Europe; it is based in Brussels and was founded in 2011. The priority objective of Science Europe is to represent the science-driven concerns and interests of basic research in the further development of the European Research Area (ERA) through direct cooperation with key partners. The DFG is a founding member of Science Europe and is represented on the organisation’s governing board.

Current activities of the LIS group at Science Europe

Within Science Europe, the LIS group is involved in the Science Europe Working Group on Open Access to Research Publications. Based on the “Principles on Open Access to Research Publications” published by Science Europe in 2013 and revised in 2015, the working group is committed to a research-friendly publication system and open access to research results. The working group’s most recent activities dealt with the digital turn in academic publishing, open access monographs and the monitoring of open access publications.

For an overview of the current and past activities of the Science Europe Working Group on Open Access to Research Publications, see the Science Europe website on open access:

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