FAQ: Research Fellowships


The “Research Fellowships Programme” expired. Renewal proposals in the Research Fellowship Programme as well as proposals for return grants can still be submitted under this programme.

You can apply for a fellowship for a research project abroad in the context of the Walter Benjamin Programme.

Return Grants

No, return grants must be requested from abroad at least two months prior to returning to Germany.

If there is a possibility of working in Germany directly following the stay abroad, a return grant cannot be awarded.

No, previous funding through a DFG research fellowship abroad is a strict prerequisite for eligibility to apply for a DFG return grant.

This information is given in the DFG’s guidelines for research fellowships:

The host institution must state that appropriate working resources are being made available for the duration of the return grant. This statement should be signed by the office that, depending on the organisation of the university or non-university research institution, can provide authoritative approval for the resources and core support. The signature of the professor in whose research group you would like to work is sufficient for this purpose.

DFG Contacts

Additional information on the proposal process can be obtained from the relevant programme staff

Queries on programme eligibility can be addressed to

In case of questions or for further information on financial management, please contact the Fellowship Office.

Further Information

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