Information for Researchers, No. 33 | April 15, 2024

Interdisciplinary Projects under the Reinhart Koselleck Programme

Interdisciplinary research is often particularly challenging and requires special efforts at newly emerging interfaces. In order to create an additional opportunity for interdisciplinary research and to make the achievements of scientists who conduct research at scientific boundaries more visible, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) launches an open call under the Reinhart Koselleck programme. The aim is to enable outstanding researchers with a proven scientific track record to pursue exceptionally interdisciplinary and innovative projects. 


Research proposals from all scientific disciplines dedicated to all research topics can be submitted that pursue an interdisciplinary approach. Proposals should meet the criteria of the Reinhart Koselleck programme described in the guidelines (DFG form 1.18). The most relevant requirements for proposals are a high degree of innovation and a high risk due to the interdisciplinary orientation of the research project. These aspects are central funding criteria in the review process and are going to be carefully considered. Applicants are thus asked to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the proposed research as well as the related risks and their mitigation. 

Beside single applicant proposals, tandem proposals from two applicants are invited. The innovative and interdisciplinary character of the combination of the applicants’ expertise and their cooperation is accordingly a highly relevant criteria in the review process.


In accordance with the Reinhart Koselleck programme, the aim is to enable outstanding researchers with a proven outstanding scientific track record and a great scientific potential to pursue exceptionally innovative or interdisciplinary projects with a higher risk. 

The DFG strongly welcomes proposals from researchers of all genders and sexual identities, from different ethnic, cultural, religious, ideological or social backgrounds, from different career stages, types of universities and research institutions, and with disabilities or chronic illness. With regard to their underrepresentation in the Reinhart Koselleck programme, the DFG encourages female researchers in particular to submit proposals. 

Review and Decision Process 

The decision-making procedure follows the Guidelines for the Review of Reinhart Koselleck projects (DFG form 10.203). An extended procedure is planned to reflect the special requirements for reviewing interdisciplinary proposals. The comparative assessment will be done in an interdisciplinary review panel including members of DFG review boards. The applicants with the most promising proposals will be invited to present their project. The Senate / Joint Committee will decide on the funding of the projects. It is expected that around ten projects will be granted funding. 

Format of Proposals and Deadline

Proposals must be written in English and submitted to the DFG by 15 October 2024

When preparing your proposal, please review the programme guidelines and follow the proposal preparation instructions (DFG forms 1.18 and 53.18). Please note that, deviant from the proposal preparation instructions, the description of the project (first point in the project description template) must not exceed seven pages (instead of five). This extension reflects the higher complexity of interdisciplinary research endeavours and the multiple references that need to be outlined. Applicants should be given the chance to properly describe the interdisciplinary character of the project on the additional pages. 

Proposal Submission

Proposals can only be submitted via elan, the DFG´s electronic proposal processing system. Applicants must be registered in elan prior to submitting a proposal to the DFG. If you have not yet registered, please do so by 8 October 2024 to submit a proposal under this call. You will find the proposal submission for Reinhart Koselleck projects under the individual grant programme. Please make sure to select the call “Interdisciplinarity” during the submission.

Notifications are expected for late September 2025 after the joint committee meeting.

Further Information

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