Information for Researchers, No. 24 | March 11, 2022

DFG Updates Guidelines for the Walter Benjamin Programme with Proposal Preparation Instructions

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) launched its Walter Benjamin Programme in 2019. The Guidelines for the Walter Benjamin Programme with Proposal Preparation Instructions (DFG form 50.10) have now been updated and adapted to take account of recent developments.

The specific amendments are as follows (unless otherwise noted, section numbers refer to the DFG form):

  • What is new under this programme is that applicants are now also asked to provide information on the relevance of sex, gender and/or diversity (section B 2.7), on general ethical and/or legal aspects (section B 4.1.1) and on projects involving genetic resources from a foreign country (section B 4.1.4).
  • The section on handling of research data has been thoroughly updated and supplemented to include a link to a website with full details. This section has now been moved to the core academic substance of the proposal (section B 2.6).
  • As a result, the page breakdown is now different, with a maximum of 17 pages for the core academic substance (section B 1–3) and a maximum of eight pages for “additional information” (sections B 4 ff.).
  • The section on experiments on humans or human materials has been expanded to include identifiable data (section B 4.1.2) and the text has been reworded.
  • The section on experiments on animals (section B 4.1.3) has been adapted to the updated project funding provisions, and the explanations regarding safety-related aspects have also been updated and supplemented with a note on foreign trade law (section B 4.1.5).
  • Furthermore, a clear explanation is now provided of which appendices are required for a proposal (section C).
  • The guidelines are now structured more clearly, too. The mobility requirement is explained in more detail; in particular, there is now clarification of the fact that this criterion applies throughout the entire funding period in the case of Walter Benjamin combinations (Guidelines – section 2.1, Instructions – section B 2.5).

Proposals may be submitted under this programme at any time. On a transitional basis, proposals will be accepted under the previous structure up until 31 May 2022.

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