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Albert Maucher Prize in Geoscience

The Albert Maucher Prize is normally awarded every three years to early career researchers who have produced outstanding research results. The founder, geologist Albert Maucher, who died in 1981, was particularly interested in the prize being presented to researchers who adopted unconventional approaches, even if their ideas were not subsequently fully confirmed. He believed that offering prizes for early career researchers served "as both a stimulus and a source of freedom". Mr. Maucher also requested that the awarding of the prize should not be associated with any obligation and that no thanks should be expressed to him.

The criteria for the prize are excellent scientific achievements, demonstrated flexibility and originality, and postdoctoral or junior professor status (candidates must not be professors or holders of a Heisenberg fellowship). The prize money of €10,000 per recipient must also be used for scientific purposes.

Prizewinners and award ceremonies

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