Ideas competition – International Research Marketing

Award ceremony for the International Research Marketing competitions at the “Research in Germany” forum in Berlin, 2022

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The competitions were aimed at German higher education institutions, including universities of applied sciences, and also non-university research institutions that were seeking to enhance their international visibility and networking as part of internationalisation efforts.

The aim was to generate innovative ideas as to how to raise the international visibility of core research areas, networks and institutions in Germany under the umbrella brand “Research in Germany”, thereby promoting Germany as a research hub internationally.


Ideas competition – International Research Marketing

  • Approximately 100 applications in five competition rounds 2014-2020
  • 27 successfully implemented award-winning projects
  • Approx. two million euros in prize money

Community Prize 2021

  • New competition format: online community vote on the best project ideas
  • Twelve applications
  • Six successfully implemented award-winning projects and 120,000 euros in prize money


  • 33 exemplary project ideas for international networking (analogue, digital and mixed) to raise the international visibility of a research area, research network, institution or region
  • Award-winning projects secured a successful presence for Germany as an attractive and innovative research hub
  • Implementation of the project led to increase internal networking of marketing, research and administrative units
  • International research marketing has become established on a widespread basis.

Ideas competition 2019/2020 and Community Prize 2021

The award-winning institutions of the 2019/2020 ideas competitions and the Community Prize report on their international research marketing concepts in DUZ Wissenschaft & Management (in German only), providing insights into project implementation and sharing their experience.

Ideas competition – International Research Marketing

The focus was on ideas that position the strengths and profiles of a research institution, region or network internationally and highly visibly, indicating potential links or attracting outstanding research talent to engage in cooperative ventures. At the same time, the aim was to raise the international visibility of Germany as a research hub and promote the appeal of research in Germany by effectively combining both digital and analogue formats.

Community Prize

The first round of the Community Prize took place in 2021. The aim of this competition was to combine competition and collaboration. Participants were able to apply for prize money for project ideas in the field of international research marketing but also got to exchange ideas through the competition’s framework programme on the topic of international research marketing, thereby providing each other with peer guidance. The particular feature of this competition was that it involved an online community vote on the best project ideas submitted by other institutions. Around 350 people took part in the online vote, selecting six research marketing concepts from a total of twelve competition entries.

Further general information on the “Research in Germany” initiative

The ideas competition and the Community Prize form part of the “Research in Germany” initiative organised by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research which presents Germany as an attractive location for attractive research and innovation within a worldwide context and provides a forum for international dialogue and cooperation.

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