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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: June 15, 2021

Organigramm Executive Board Executive Level Strategy and Policy Press and Public Relations Economics, Auditing and Compliance Berlin Office Central Administration Finance Human Resources and Legal Affairs Information Technology and Infrastructure International Affairs and Integrative Activities International Affairs Equal Opportunities, Research Integrity and Cross-Programme Development Quality and Programme Management Information Management Sino-German Center for Research Promotion in Bejing DFG Offices DFG Office India DFG Office Japan DFG Office Latinamerica DFG Office North America DFG Office Russia/CIS Scientific Affairs Humanities and Social Sciences 1 Humanities and Social Sciences 2 Life Sciences 1 Life Sciences 2 Life Sciences 3 Physics and Chemistry Geosciences Mathematics and Engineering Sciences 2 Engineering Sciences 1 Coordinated Programmes and Infrastructure Research Careers Research Centres Scientific Instrumentation and Information Technology Scientific Library Services and Information Systems

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International Affairs

belongs to International Affairs and Integrative Activities

Head: Schneider, Jörg Dr.
Deputy: Krüßmann, Ingrid Dr.
Kohs, Kathrin


Tasks and Responsibilities

Cross-functional Tasks

Conseil Africain et Malgache pour l‘Enseignement Supérieur (CAMESM Knodel, Kathrin
Cooperation with Developing Countries Bastong, Julia
Cooperation with the German-Israeli Foundation for Scientific Research and Development (GIF) Stotz, Ute
Coordinating Office for DFG Offices Abroad Kohs, Kathrin
Coordination of German-Israeli-Palestinian Cooperation Projects (TLP) Stotz, Ute
Financial Management of IZ Wabschke, Andrea
German-Israeli Project Cooperation Programme (DIP) Stotz, Ute
Global Research Council (GRC) Schneider, Jörg Dr.
Wilms, Marcus Dr.
HAW-Initiative Gronau, Jennifer Dr.
Implementation of the DFG's Africa Strategy Wilms, Marcus Dr.
International Research Marketing Bankamp, Dagmar
Gad, Gernot Dr.
Lottermann, Annina Dr.
Schaffartzik, Sonja
Schilling, Veronika Dr.
Science Granting Councils Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa (SGCI) Berens, Lara
Wilms, Marcus Dr.
The World Academy of Sciences for the Advancement of Science in Developing Countries (TWAS) Kristan, Michaela

General Responsibilities

Copernicus Award Lottermann, Annina Dr.
DFG Membership in International Organisations (ISSC, ICSU, Deutsche UNESCO-Kommission, ISF ...) Achterberg, Jörn Dr.
Laforet, Cora
DFG Office India (Scientific Support) Krüßmann, Ingrid Dr.
Langer, Franziska Dr.
DFG Office Japan (Scientific Support) Krüßmann, Ingrid Dr.
Wagner, Raoul
DFG Office North America (Scientific Support) Simon, Lena
DFG Office Russia/CIS (Scientific Support) Braeckevelt, Elisa Dr.
Eugen and Ilse Seibold Prize Krüßmann, Ingrid Dr.
Wagner, Raoul
Head of DFG Office Russia/CIS (Scientific Support) Achterberg, Jörn Dr.
Regionale Zuständigkeiten (Ländergruppen) Fendel, Dorothea
Scientific relationships with Latin America Countries Halm, Dietrich Dr.
Strategies and IZ Programmes and Policies Schneider, Jörg Dr.

Geographic Responsibilities (Countries and Regions)

Africa Knodel, Kathrin
Wilms, Marcus Dr.
Africa: East and Southern Africa Wilms, Marcus Dr.
Africa: Maghreb, West and Central Africa Knodel, Kathrin
Australia/Pacific Krüßmann, Ingrid Dr.
Schlepper, Gerrit Andreas
CIS, Central and Eastern Europe Achterberg, Jörn Dr.
Cooperation with DFG Liaison Scientists in Latin America Peters, Christina Dr.
DFG Office India Kiesselbach, Matthias Dr.
DFG Office Latin America in the German House for Research and Innovation in Sao Paulo Peters, Christina Dr.
East Asia Krüßmann, Ingrid Dr.
East Asia: Japan Schlepper, Gerrit Andreas
Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus Laforet, Cora
Iran Schneider, Jörg Dr.
Israel Stotz, Ute
Latin America and the Caribbean Halm, Dietrich Dr.
Near East and Mideast Stotz, Ute
Wilms, Marcus Dr.
North America: Canada, USA Bechtold, Georg Dr.-Ing.
Simon, Lena
North America Office Bechtold, Georg Dr.-Ing.
Poland Lottermann, Annina Dr.
Russia / CIS Braeckevelt, Elisa Dr.
South Asia Krüßmann, Ingrid Dr.
Langer, Franziska Dr.
Southeast Asia Krüßmann, Ingrid Dr.
Wissenschaftliche Beziehungen mit den Ländern dieser Region (I-IZ-6) Wilms, Marcus Dr.

Support of DFG Statutory Bodies

Committee for the German-Israeli Project Cooperation Programme Stotz, Ute
Liaison Scientist in Chile Halm, Dietrich Dr.
Liaison Scientist in Mexico Halm, Dietrich Dr.
Liaison Scientists in Brazil Halm, Dietrich Dr.