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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: January 18, 2022

Organigramm Executive Board Executive Level Strategy and Policy Press and Public Relations Economics, Auditing and Compliance Berlin Office Central Administration Finance Human Resources and Legal Affairs Information Technology and Infrastructure International Affairs and Integrative Activities International Affairs Equal Opportunities, Research Integrity and Cross-Programme Development Quality and Programme Management Information Management Sino-German Center for Research Promotion in Bejing DFG Offices DFG Office India DFG Office Japan DFG Office Latinamerica DFG Office North America DFG Office Russia/CIS Scientific Affairs Humanities and Social Sciences 1 Humanities and Social Sciences 2 Life Sciences 1 Life Sciences 2 Life Sciences 3 Physics and Chemistry Geosciences Mathematics and Engineering Sciences 2 Engineering Sciences 1 Coordinated Programmes and Infrastructure Research Careers Research Centres Scientific Instrumentation and Information Technology Scientific Library Services and Information Systems

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Research Centres

belongs to Coordinated Programmes and Infrastructure

Head: Wehrberger, Klaus Dr.
Deputy: Münker, Thomas Dr.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Cross-functional Tasks

Clinical Trials, Animal Experimentation, Stem Cell Research in Collaborative Research Centres including Programme Variations Wiegner, Oliver Dr.
Committee Support for Germany’s Excellence Strategy Zittartz-Weber, Suzanne Dr.
CRC Funding Guidelines (including TRR, FZT and EXC) Münker, Thomas Dr.
Redöhl, Brit
Equal Opportunities, Work-Life Balance Sangenstedt, Susanne Dr.
Tiemann, Maren Dr.
Financial Planning for Collaborative Research Centres including Programme Variations and Clusters of Excellence Ebertshäuser, Thomas Dr.
Münker, Thomas Dr.
Monitoring, Annual Data Collection in CRC and EXC Programmes Richter-Tokar, Miriam Dr.
Schoch, Karen Dr.
Project Management for Germany’s Excellence Strategy Bast, Florian Dr.
Public Relations/Science Communication CRC including TRR, FZT, EXC Matheus, Ricarda Dr.
Tiemann, Maren Dr.
University Collaborations Schoch, Karen Dr.
von Gliscynski, Ursula Dr.

Programme Coordination

DFG Research Centres Wiegner, Oliver Dr.
Early Career Researchers van den Eeden, Mare Dr.
Zirpel, Bettina
Fachhochschulen, Hochschulen für angewandte Wissenschaften van den Eeden, Mare Dr.
Information Infrastructure Lanwermeyer, Manuela Dr.
Redöhl, Brit
Integrated Research Training Groups van den Eeden, Mare Dr.
Zirpel, Bettina
International Collaborations in Europe Redöhl, Brit
Knowledge Transfer (incl. Transfer Projects) Beilein, Matthias Dr.
van den Eeden, Mare Dr.