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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: January 18, 2022

Press and Public Relations

belongs to DFG Executive Board

Head: Finetti, Marco
Deputy: Rateike, Jutta Dr.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Subject-Specific Expertise

Communicator Award Rateike, Jutta Dr.
Conception and Editor - DFG Annual Report Köster, Thomas Dr.
DFG Activities during Germany's Annual Year of Science Rateike, Jutta Dr.
DFG Exhibitions Wübben, Tim
DFG Lecture Series "exkurs" Bungard, Diana
Editor-in-Chief of DFG Publications Finetti, Marco
Film and Multimedia Projects Roth, Susanne
Online and Intranet Content Editing Lossau, Cornelia
Santjer, Marijke
Press and Public Relations - Berlin Office Lossau, Cornelia
Press Releases Bastong, Benedikt
Finetti, Marco
Schaeffer, Magdalena
Press Spokesperson Finetti, Marco
Public Relations Bungard, Diana
Rateike, Jutta Dr.
Wübben, Tim
Public Relations Bastong, Benedikt
Finetti, Marco
Schaeffer, Magdalena
Publishing Executive Editor and Editor of DFG Publications Unterstell, Rembert Dr.
Social Media Bungard, Diana
Lossau, Cornelia
Santjer, Marijke