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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: August 16, 2019

Scientific Instrumentation and Information Technology

belongs to Coordinated Programmes and Infrastructure

Head: Janssen, Johannes Dr.
Deputy: Renner, Christian Dr.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Cross-functional Tasks

RIsources: Fachliche Administration Janssen, Johannes Dr.


Agricultural and Forestry Equipment Winkler-Nees, Stefan Dr.
Angiography Systems Renner, Christian Dr.
Antenna, Measurement and Networktechnology Tieftrunk, Achim Dr.
Atom and Molecule Beamlines Royeck, Michael Dr.
Atomic Force and Scanning Tunneling Microscopes Renner, Christian Dr.
Audio and Video Technology, Acustics Tieftrunk, Achim Dr.
Bioanalytical Instrumentation Merdes, Gunter Dr.
Bioreactors Merdes, Gunter Dr.
CAD, CAM and CAx Systems Mürtz, Manfred Dr.
Cameras Tieftrunk, Achim Dr.
CAVE and VR Systems Mürtz, Manfred Dr.
Chromatographie Merdes, Gunter Dr.
Climate Chambers Merdes, Gunter Dr.
Computer Graphics Mürtz, Manfred Dr.
Data Processing Systems for University Clinics Merdes, Gunter Dr.
DNA Sequencing Merdes, Gunter Dr.
Electrical Energy and Communications Technology Tieftrunk, Achim Dr.
Electron Microscopes in the Life Sciences Merdes, Gunter Dr.
Engine and Transmission Test Benches Winkler-Nees, Stefan Dr.
Flow Cytometry Merdes, Gunter Dr.
Forming Tools Schwabe, Tobias Dr.
Geophysical Measurement Instrumentation Winkler-Nees, Stefan Dr.
Integrated Manufacturing Systems Mürtz, Manfred Dr.
IT Infrastructure Schwabe, Tobias Dr.
IT Systems for Computer Centres Schwabe, Tobias Dr.
Lasers Mürtz, Manfred Dr.
Laser- und Infrarotspektroskopie Mürtz, Manfred Dr.
Machine Tools Winkler-Nees, Stefan Dr.
Magnetism Renner, Christian Dr.
Mass Spectrometers (excluding the Geosciences) Mürtz, Manfred Dr.
Mass Spectrometry (Geosciences) Winkler-Nees, Stefan Dr.
Materials Testing Mürtz, Manfred Dr.
Medical Imaging Renner, Christian Dr.
Medical Section Diagram Instruments (CT, MRT, US) Renner, Christian Dr.
Medical Sonography Equipment Royeck, Michael Dr.
Microprobes Schwabe, Tobias Dr.
Microscopy and Imaging Systems Royeck, Michael Dr.
Monitoring and Patient Data Management Systems Tieftrunk, Achim Dr.
Musical Instruments Winkler-Nees, Stefan Dr.
Netze, Netzkomponenten und Netzwerkarchitektur an Hochschulen und Universitätsklinika Royeck, Michael Dr.
NMR-/EPR-Spectrometer Renner, Christian Dr.
Nuclear Physics Renner, Christian Dr.
Operationsroboter und Endoskopie Royeck, Michael Dr.
Optical Spectroskopy Mürtz, Manfred Dr.
Photoelectron Spectrometers Renner, Christian Dr.
Radiological Diagnostics Renner, Christian Dr.
Robotics and Systems Technology Mürtz, Manfred Dr.
Specialised Chemical Measurement Technology Merdes, Gunter Dr.
Specialised IT Systems for Physics Renner, Christian Dr.
Spezielle IT-Systeme in der Medizin (KIS, PACS, etc.) Merdes, Gunter Dr.
Telescopes Tieftrunk, Achim Dr.
Thermal and Cooling Instrumentation Renner, Christian Dr.
Thermal and Geometrical Measurement Instrumentation Merdes, Gunter Dr.
Vacuum Technology Schwabe, Tobias Dr.
Vehicles, Materials Handling Technology Winkler-Nees, Stefan Dr.
X-Ray Diffractometers Schwabe, Tobias Dr.

Purchasing of Scientific Instrumentation

Leitung des Teams III-WGI-1 "Zentrale Beschaffungstelle" Breuer, Ute