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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: June 12, 2019

Scientific Library Services and Information Systems

belongs to Coordinated Programmes and Infrastructure

Head: Lipp, Anne Dr.
Deputy: Fournier, Johannes Dr.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Strategic and Scientific Funding Programmes

Alliance Licenses Holzer, Angela Dr.
Cooperation DFG/NEH Holzer, Angela Dr.
e-Research Katerbow, Matthias Dr.
Indexing and Digitisation Doll, Annette Dr.
Limbach, Franziska Dr.
Information Infrastructures for Research Data Winkler-Nees, Stefan Dr.
Infrastructure for Electronic Publications and Digital Communication of Science Fournier, Johannes Dr.
Kant, Juliane Dr.
Open Access Publishing Holzer, Angela Dr.
Scientific Information Services Bilic-Merdes, Michaela Dr.