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Structure of the DFG Head Office

As of: April 13, 2021

Information Technology and Infrastructure

belongs to Central Administration

Head: Weber, Johannes
Deputy: N.N.


Tasks and Responsibilities

Administrative IT Applications

Election and Voting Systems Kienzler, Hubert
Support, Quality Assurance and Development of Existing Administrative Applications Kienzler, Hubert
Technical Product Management and Technical Administration of Administrative IT Applications Kienzler, Hubert

Application Management

DFG Software Development Standards Wegner, Ralf Dr.
Software Architecture (Consolidation, Licenses, Support Contracts) Wegner, Ralf Dr.

Business Analyse, Kundenmanagement

IT Framework Plan Strauß, Sibylle
Partner Management Strauß, Sibylle
Requirements Management, Client Management Strauß, Sibylle

Client Management

Head of Vocational Training in Computer Science Schröder, Bernd
Life Cycle Management for User-Oriented IT Products (Hardware and Software) Schröder, Bernd
Product Management and Enhancement of ITSM Systems (including DFG Service Desk) Schröder, Bernd

Facility Management

Gebäudebewirtschaftung, Bauunterhaltng, Baumaßnahmen, Belegungsplanung Rink, Lambert

Grant Management Applications

Standardised Correspondence Management Bauerfeind, Christine
Technical Product Management and Technical Administration of Grant Management Applications Bauerfeind, Christine
Technical Responsibility for ElektrA and elan Applications Bauerfeind, Christine


Building Maintenance Steffes, Gerhard
Coordination of Conferences/Meetings/Event Services Laux, Michael
Facility and Occupational Safety Management, Event Services, Mail and Digitisation, Filing Office, Reception and Service Pool Steffes, Gerhard
Filing Office and Reception, Event Services, Office Supplies, Mail and Digitisation, Facility and Occupational Safety Management Steffes, Gerhard
Fire Safety Officer Wester, Frank
Infrastructural Matters at all DFG Offices, Occupational Safety Steffes, Gerhard
Organisation of External and Internal Mail Services and Digitisation Office Wester, Frank

Platform Applications

Product Management Directory Systems Höhne, Ronald
SharePoint Product Management Höhne, Ronald

Requirements Management

Coordination of IT Strategy Committee Strauß, Sibylle
Quality Management Strauß, Sibylle
Requirements Definition and Administration Strauß, Sibylle

Technology Management

IT Procurement Measures in Technology Management Wingen, Bernd
Partner Management Wingen, Bernd
Telecommunications, Data Centre Services, Mobile Computing Wingen, Bernd