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Research data in connection with infrastructure funding

National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI)

The NFDI has been in development since 2020. It aims to harness research data by ensuring it is made accessible, secured for long-term use and internationally networked.

The DFG organises the selection of consortia and the review process for the establishment of the NFDI. The consortia comprise numerous actors, thereby bringing together subject-specific methods and existing structures. Since the consortia also develop service and consultation services, it makes sense to identify the consortia that have been established in the relevant subject area and make use of any support available in handling research data. For further information, in particular on the consortia currently receiving funding, see:

Funding programmes for research information systems

In order to handle research data in science and the humanities, efficient information infrastructures are needed that are geared to subject-specific needs and designed for long-term use while at the same time allowing adaptations to technical developments without losing out in terms of reliability, security or stability. For this reason, the DFG offers programmes within its Scientific Library Services and Information Systems (LIS) Group to support the establishment and expansion of efficient information services and innovative information infrastructures at universities and research institutions in Germany that are oriented towards research needs. The following funding programmes are available which are dedicated to the handling of research data as an information infrastructure service:

  • Information Infrastructures for Research Data
    Funding under the programme “Information Infrastructures for Research Data” is intended to support research and information infrastructure institutions in enabling, improving and advancing the handling of research data.
  • e-Research Technologies
    Funding under the “e-Research Technologies” programme is intended to serve all or specific research areas by providing methods and tools to support research that relies on digital information and data.

Under both programmes, funds can be applied for to cover the direct project-specific costs, personnel and investments required to implement a project. Funds can also be made available for workshops.

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