German Research Ombudsman

The “Research Ombudsman”, known until 2010 as the “DFG Ombudsman”, may be approached by all researchers, directly and independently of any connection with the DFG, for advice and support in matters relating to good scientific practice and its abuse due to lack of integrity. The Research Ombudsman was set up in 1999 as an independent statutory body by the DFG Senate, following a recommendation by the Commission on Self-Regulation in Science and Research (Recommendation 16).

The DFG Senate changed the name from “DFG Ombudsman” to “Research Ombudsman” in 2010, in order to more clearly separate the ombudsman process from the DFG’s “Procedure in Cases of Suspicion of Scientific Misconduct” for those involved in the procedure or seeking advice.

Overviews of Ombudspersons at Institutions of Higher Education and Non-University Research Institutions

Ombudspersons at Non-University Research Institutions:


Martin Steinberger
Telephone: +49 (228) 885-3204