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Researchers with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

The DFG welcomes proposals from people with disabilities or chronic illnesses in all its programmes. Within the scope of the DFG's statutory mandate, appropriate allowance will be made for the particular requirements of this group in the proposal and implementation phases. Details can be found below.

Proposals submitted by persons with disabilities or chronic illnesses are subject to the general criteria explained in the programme information with regard to eligibility requirements, review and evaluation. However, in the overall evaluation of a proposal with regard to previous research achievement, appropriate allowance may be made for a disability or chronic illness (for example in the assessment of career development and publication output).The DFG can also provide special advice to persons with disabilities or chronic illnesses relating to the proposal process. If you have any questions about the proposal process in connection with your particular situation, please contact the DFG Head Office.

Persons engaged in DFG-funded projects are generally employed by the research institution through an employment contract. If the appointment of a person with a disability involves additional costs that cannot be reimbursed by other means (for example through disability employment integration schemes or "Integrationsämter"), the required extra costs can be covered through rescheduling (see the usage guidelines for the programme in question) or, if applicable, through a supplemental proposal.

The DFG does not offer special programmes exclusively for researchers with disabilities or chronic illnesses.

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