Stages of the review board election

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Spring 2021 – Autumn 2021 Revision of the election regulations

The election regulations are the legal basis for the review board election. Only the Senate of the DFG is allowed to change the election regulations. The election regulations for the review board election 2023 were adopted by the Senat in autumn 2021. They became effective with their online publication.

Autumn 2020 – Spring 2022 Determination of the structure of subject areas

The Senate of the DFG reviews the layout of the review boards and their subjects previous to every election. Proposals by the research communities are considered. The Senate amends the structure in order to guarantee that the structure is suitable and up-to-date.

Spring 2022 – Summer 2022 Conferment of the subject specific right to nominate candidates

The 97 member organisations of the DFG and the “Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft“ have the non-subject related right to nominate candidates. Scientific/academic societies and faculty associations can apply for the right to nominate candidates for specific subjects. The Senate of the DFG confers these rights anew for each election.

Spring 2022 – Summer 2023 Compilation of the list of candidates

The Senate passes the list of candidates in accordance with the process laid down in the election regulations. The Senate guarantees the proper execution of this process. He is not able to delist a nominated candidate. In special cases detailed in the election regulations he is able to change the assigned subject areas of a candidate or to add candidates to the list.

Spring 2023 – Autumn 2023 Conferment of the right to vote on an individual basis

Researchers from institutions which are not voting centres are not eligible for the right to vote due to their missing affiliation with a voting centre. The President of the DFG can grant these researches if the necessary requirements are met the right to vote ad personam if they have been nominated for this right. The DFG sets up a voting centre for theses researchers and provides them with their voting documentation well before the beginning of the voting period.

Autumn 2023 Election

The election takes place between 23rd October 2023, 2 pm and 20th November 2023,
2 pm.