Membership Period 2004 - 2007

Review Boards and Their Membership

The review boards took up their work in spring 2004, thereby replacing the previous review committee system. A total of 577 elected scientists and academics worked in 48 review boards, which were subdivided into a total of 201 subject areas.

In accordance with the framework rules and regulations, the following review boards decided to divide into separate sections. To view the general list of review board members and subject classifications, please refer to the link above.

Section members in Review Board 201 "Foundations of Biology and Medicine"

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Section members in Review Board 205 "Medicine"

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Section Members Medical Technology

The interdisciplinary section "Medical Technology" consisted of members from nine review boards who assessed interdisciplinary proposals that fell under this category. The members were also active in their respective review boards.

2003 Review Board Election Results

Approximately 39,000 researchers voted during the 2003 election. A total of 577 review board members were elected from 1,329 candidates. The average age of those elected was 51.9 years, 1.3 years younger than the average age of the review committee members in the last election, which took place in 1999. Compared to the last election, the proportion of female researchers increased from 7.7% to 12%. The results of the election were formally announced to the Senate on 5 February 2004 and published on the internet.