Mobility Funding of projects within the „AIMS-DFG Cooperation Visits Programme in the Mathematical Sciences“

AIMS-DFG Collaboration Visits Programme: Landkarte Afrika mit hervorgehobenen Ländern Senegal, Ghana, Kamerun, Ruanda und Südafrika

(22.02.24) The "AIMS-DFG Cooperation Visits Programme" supports researchers in African countries and in Germany in the field of mathematical sciences at an early stage of their careers by enabling them to make reciprocal research visits. An important aim of the initiative was to familiarise and to connect the research communities in the mathematical sciences in Africa and Germany in order to strengthen their internationalisation.

This pilot call for proposals ran from July to October 2023 and was open to applications for the modules "Guest stay in Germany" and "Stay abroad at one of the AIMS centres" or a combination of both. Six of the eight applications received will now be funded. Within the duration of one year, the cooperating scientists can work out concrete project plans in order to subsequently apply for an “Individual Research Grant” for this project, if applicable.