African-German Scientific Exchange: Neurosciences


(20.12.23) Responding to the challenges of international networking posed by the pandemic, this initiative has so far brought together some 190 researchers in 46 teams from 24 African countries and Germany in the fields of Public Health (2021) and Agriculture (2022). Due to this success the “African-German Scientific Exchanges” will now be continued beyond the pandemic context. 

As an integrated two-staged initiative, researchers are invited in a first stage to submit scientific posters, network on the basis of a posterbook comprising all accepted posters and identify joint interests. In a second stage, research teams are then called to submit proposals for the “Initiation of International Collaboration” at the DFG, a one-year funding programme which entails funds for guest visits, trips abroad and exploratory workshops. The initiative will be enriched by an integrated “Forum: Connect and Exchange” for the funded research teams to expand African-German networks and give opportunity for mutual learning. 

The focus of this call on neurosciences includes basic, applied and clinical topics in the fields of developmental neurobiology; molecular biology and physiology of neurons and glial cells; experimental and theoretical network neuroscience; cognitive, systems and behavioural neurobiology; experimental models for the understanding of nervous system diseases; molecular and cellular neurology and neuropathology; clinical neurology, neurosurgery and neuroradiology; human cognitive and systems neuroscience; biological psychiatry; clinical psychiatry, psychotherapy, child and adolescent psychiatry; and ophthalmology.

The timeline of this initiative is as follows: 

  • > 29 February 2024 - Submission of scientific Posters 
  • 31 August 2024 - Submission of Proposals for the “Initiation of International Collaboration” 
  • September 2025 - Forum: Connect and Exchange