Announcement by the Russian Foundation for Humanities (RFH) on funding for German-Russian research projects in 2015

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(27.02.15) Under the agreement between the Russian Foundation for the Humanities (RGNF) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation), the RGNF has announced funding for joint German-Russian research projects in the area of humanities and social sciences for 2015.

Russian researchers can submit their proposals to the RGNF until 15 September 2015 for the following:

  • joint projects with funding for up to three years carried out by a group (from one to ten participants on each side) of Russian and German researchers;
  • joint Russian-German expeditions, field research projects, laboratory experiments and scientifically led restoration work.

This allows Russian project partners of German applicants to apply for funding from RGNF for their part of a joint project. Both partners in the collaborative project must submit their proposals separately to the funding organisation responsible in accordance with their respective requirements i.e. the German researchers to the DFG and the Russian researchers to the RGNF. The bilateral collaborations will only be funded if both organisations make a decision in favour of funding. Unilateral funding of one of the two parts of the project is not possible.

The deadline for German researchers is 1 June 2015. Any researcher eligible under the DFG's rules can submit a proposal for a research grant (in accordance with guidelines 50.01). There is no special funding available from the DFG for these collaborative proposals; they will compete individually with all the other proposals submitted to the DFG.

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