DWIH atlas showing research cooperation with Russia

(29.01.15) At the end of last year, the German House for Research and Innovation in Moscow (DWIH) presented the first research atlas for Russia. The "Atlas DWIH" project is a database for German-Russian cooperation in science and the humanities. The member organisations of DWIH Moscow present priority areas of bilateral collaboration and current research projects on an interactive map of the Russian Federation. The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is responsible for just over half of the 150 entries.

The DFG uses a number of different instruments to support cooperation with Russian researchers. Including the initiation of German-Russian collaboration projects, the DFG is currently funding around 300 projects with Russian involvement. It does so increasingly within the framework of larger coordinated programmes, such as International Research Training Groups, Priority Programmes and Collaborative Research Centres. The GEPRIS Internet database contains information on research projects funded by the DFG, as well as on the people and institutions involved.

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