DFG-NSF Research Conference Series

Since 2004, the DFG and the National Science Foundation (NSF) have held a series of interdisciplinary symposia, the DFG-NSF Research Conferences. They serve to strengthen cooperation between researchers in Germany and the U.S. and provide an opportunity for networking in a cross-disciplinary context, especially for young scientists.

2021 DFG-NSF Workshop: Cybersecurity and Machine Learning

This Research Conference, originally planned for 2020, turned into a virtual workshop focused primarily on identifying research and collaboration potential at the intersection of cybersecurity and machine learning. The ideas and insights from the workshop were captured in the following vision document.

Past Events

2014 - „New Perspectives on Neurotechnology and Neuroengineering"

2012 - „Reckoning with the Risk of Catastrophe"

2011 - „Bioinspired Design and Engineering of Novel Functional Materials”

2009 - „Sustainable Use of Nanomaterials for Novel Engineering Solutions“

2008 - „Contextualizing Economic Behaviour“

2007 - „Advanced Photonics in Application to Astrophysical Problems"

2005 - „Understanding Species Diversity on Earth – Unifying Field, Museum and Laboratory Scientists in Global Biodiversity Study“

2004 - „Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Life - Changing Earth and its Impact on Human Habitat"