DFG starts its virtual tour of top Indian Institutes

(30.10.20) The DFG Office India, in its endeavor to reach out to the best researchers in India, is organizing virtual meetings with scientists of key higher education institutions in India. In its first round of virtual meetings, DFG visited the IIT Guwahati, Central University of Sikkim and the University of Hyderabad. More such meetings are planned for the future.

Dr. Matthias Kiesselbach, Director DFG Office India, used this opportunity to spread the word about various DFG funding lines which can be used for international scientific co-operation. A particular focus lay on the ongoing DFG-DBT funding programme in the life sciences, in which Indo-German proposals can be submitted any time until the end of February 2021 (with a possible extension of the programme after that). In addition, the participants were also apprised of various funding possibilities for Indian postdocs wishing to pursue research projects in Germany.

Appreciating the DFG’s outreach initiative during this pandemic time, Professor Rakhi Chaturvedi, Dean of Alumni and External Relations at IIT Guwahati said, “though a close cooperation exists between IIT Guwahati and German universities, intitatives like this are very helpful and encouraging”.

The Vice Chancellor of Central University of Sikkim, Prof. Avinash Khare encouraged his young faculty members to make best use of the information session, adding “The idea of Indo-German coordinated programmes such as ‘Research Units’ and ‘International Research Training Groups’ is something that we would definitely look into”. Prof. Khare also invited DFG to conduct more such web-talks with other schools and departments of his university.

For more information on funding programmes for Indo-German research collaboration or for research stays in Germany, check the website of DFG India Office or give us a call.

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