Vocational training at the DFG

Office management assistant

Are you currently looking for an interesting vocational training programme? Would you like to find an employer who promotes your interests, offering you flexible working hours and a good work-life balance?

If so, a vocational training programme at the DFG is just the right choice for you.

We offer all this and much more besides. Simply click through the page to discover the highlights.

When you hear “research community”, you might first think of people who are engaged in research themselves.

But that’s not what we do at all. The DFG provides financial support for research, promotes national and international collaboration, promotes gender equality in science and the humanities, advises parliaments and institutions on scientific issues, and fosters the links that the research community maintains with society and the economy.

As you can see, the people who work at the DFG have a range of different professions. There’s something for everyone here.

During your training with us, you will take on administrative tasks. These include:

  • designing and writing texts
  • creating and editing statistics, graphics and presentations
  • handling incoming and outgoing mail
  • procuring office supplies.
  • You will become familiar with the day-to-day office routine and act as a point of contact for people both inside and outside the organisation.

From the 15th/16th month of training onwards, the focus is on the two optional qualifications: “Assistance and Office Administration” and “Human Resources Management”.

It is essentially a three-year programme. However, if you work reliably and obtain good grades at vocational college, which you attend at the same time, it is possible to shorten this period to two years.

During your training with us, you will attend vocational college two days a week (Berufskolleg Bonn Duisdorf). The rest takes place at our Head Office, or else you work from home.

Like any vocational training programme, ours requires you to take exams.

These are usually arranged on a staggered, two-part basis: you take Part 1 of the staggered final examination in the middle of your second year, while Part 2 follows towards the end of the vocational training programme. The latter comprises both a written and an oral exam.

But don’t worry: we ensure you’re well prepared for all exams in good time.

Once you’ve passed your exams, your vocational training is complete and you can embark on a career.

We’re glad to share these details with you too, of course.
As a trainee with us, you receive your monthly training salary in accordance with Section 8 of the collective agreement for trainees in the public sector.

This is currently as follows:

  • in the 1st year of training €1,068.26
  • in the 2nd year of training €1,118.20
  • in the 3rd year of training €1,164.02

There is also a special annual payment at the end of the year amounting to 90% of your monthly salary of course, and you receive a bonus of €400 if you complete the programme successfully.

What is more, an annual learning material allowance is provided of €50.
We can also offer you capital-forming benefits if you wish.

You’ve received a lot of information about what to expect during your training with us – but what happens afterwards is just as important.

At the DFG, we train people based on our needs. In other words, our aim is to ensure that trainees can subsequently go on to take up permanent employment after passing their final examinations.

So there are lots of exciting career opportunities in store for you: after all, this programme gives you an all-round qualification as an office assistant.

Our application process begins in the middle of summer: we’re looking for motivated trainees who want to start the programme the following year.

We look forward to receiving your covering letter, your CV and your most recent references. These can easily be submitted via the application portal.

We then review all the applications we’ve received and invite applicants to an aptitude test. You can take this test online from the comfort of your own home. After this, we send out interview invitations.

The number of trainees we take on each year can vary greatly depending on how many we’re able to subsequently employ. We’re usually looking for 2-4 trainees.

If you’re interested in taking this vocational programme, you should have an intermediate school leaving certificate with good grades.

Preferably you should have already gained some IT skills and be able to work independently at the computer, especially with Microsoft Office.

If you’re motivated, keen to learn and quick on the uptake, you’re exactly what we’re looking for.

What the DFG offers you

  • Flexible working hours according to the flexitime model
  • Work-from-home option (for trainees, too)
  • Opportunities for part-time work
  • Good technical resources
  • Continuing education/ professional development/ opportunities for advancement
  • Subsidies for local public transport (trainee ticket/major customer ticket)
  • Housing offers
  • Children’s daycare places
  • English language lessons
  • Sports activities (e.g. yoga, Pilates etc.)
  • Mobile massage
  • In-house social counsellor (she advises you if you have problems at work or at home and is bound to absolute secrecy)
  • Care and support provided by an in-house medical officer
  • Regular eye test
  • Flu vaccination
  • Pleasant working atmosphere
  • Friendly colleagues

Any more questions?

If you have any further questions about the trainee occupation “Office management assistant”, please feel free to contact us in person.

Ms. Ute Bongard is responsible for this vocational training programme. She will be more than happy to answer your questions, and she also provides support during the programme itself.

The DFG promotes equality for all people (m/f/d) and therefore explicitly welcomes applications regardless of ethnic, cultural or social origin, age, religion, ideology, disability or sexual identity.

If you’re interested in our vocational programme, simply apply.

We look forward to hearing from you!