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Press Release No. 37 | 27 June 2007
A Farewell and New Beginning

Personnel changes in the Press and Public Relations Office

Dieter Hüsken, long-standing colleague in the Press and Üublic Relations Department at the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation), enters retirement at the end of the month. He has been active in the Press and Public Relations Division for more than 30 years, where he played a leading part in the development of the journals forschung und german research, of which he was Chief Editor in recent years. Dieter Hüsken was in charge of Corporate Design at the DFG and developed the unmistakable image of the publication series. He also laid emphasis, at an early stage, on the organisation of scientific exhibitions, which soon led to the idea of travelling exhibitions. Some important figures: Since the early eighties, the DFG has presented 20 different exhibitions 100 times worldwide. Exhibitions like Ocean Research, The Water of the Desert, The New Way into Space and Encounters visited a total of 29 countries on four continents. In recent years, Dieter Hüsken experienced a further extension of his sphere of activity, as he was involved in designing and organising big events for the DFG. He was, for example, the person behind the grand festival on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize, held in the Art and Exhibition Hall in Bonn, in September 2005.

On the 1st June 2007, Marco Finetti, for many years the Science and Education Correspondent at the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Bonn and previously Chief Editor of DUZ, the German university magazine, started in the Press and Public Relations Division. He will be taking over from Dieter Hüsken as Chief Editor of the DFG journals, and will also have joint responsibility for press work, especially in connection with the Excellence Initiative.

Dr Jutta Rateike, who has hitherto held joint responsibility for press work, will in future be active in public relations and, above all, will assume responsibility for communications in the area DFG-funded research and the DFG lecture series Exkurs.