Information für die Wissenschaft Nr. 6 | 19. Januar 2017

Animal Experimentation in Research: New Edition of the DFG Information Brochure Published in English

The information brochure “Animal Experimentation” in Research by the Senate Commission on Animal Protection and Experimentation of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is now available in English. On 76 pages it provides comprehensive information on the topic of research and animal welfare.

The first edition of the brochure was published in 2004. Last year, a revised German-language version of the brochure was published, which takes into account the changed framework for animal research in European and German legislation. It also provides up-to-date figures about the use of animals in research. The question of the transferability of results from animal experiments to humans and to veterinary medicine is discussed as well. A separate chapter is devoted to ethical considerations of animal experimentation, animal welfare as well as the potential and limitations of alternative methods.

With the English-language version of the brochure, this information is now available to international scientists as well as to representatives of European research and research-funding organisations. In addition, “Animal Experimentation in Research” is suitable as course material for international students.

Further Information

Copies of the brochure “Animal Experimentation in Research” can be requested from:

  • DFG Press and Public Relations,
    phone +49 228 885-2109,

Online version of the brochure (in English) and further links and materials such as legal texts, application forms and scientific essays (in German):

Extensive information on the topic (in German) is also available on the joint information portal of the Alliance of Science Organisations:

Scientific contact at the DFG Head Office:

Contact at the DFG Senate Commission on Animal Protection and Experimentation: