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More information on the white paper "Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice"

The DFG considers it highly important to safeguard good scientific practice as an essential prerequisite for research and as the core task of self-regulation in research.

The white paper contains 17 recommendations for the safeguarding of good scientific practice and explains the individual recommendations extensively. In addition, the white paper considers issues and problems in the research system, covering topics such as “Competition”, “Publications”, and “Quantitative Performance Measurement”.

The resolution passed by the DFG's General Assembly on 17 June 1998 stipulates that researchers in receipt of funding from the DFG must comply with its rules on safeguarding good scientific practice. In accordance with the recommendations, universities and other research institutions which request funding from the DFG must implement Rules 1 to 8 to safeguard good scientific practice at their institutions.

The print version of the “Recommendations for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice” can be requested from the DFG Press and Public Relations department, Michael Hönscheid (0228 885-2109 or presse@dfg.de).