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Information for Researchers No. 93 | 8 December 2020
Expansion of Financial Support for DFG-Funded Research During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Option to apply for corona emergency support for research projects that have already been granted a cost-neutral extension and for cost-neutral extensions following such funding

The Joint Committee of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has expanded financial support for DFG-funded research work in view of the continuing adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The procedural adjustments apply in particular to research grants, Research Units, Priority Programmes and numerous other project funding opportunities and therefore to the majority of DFG-funded projects (see DFG form 41.47). The extension is aimed at providing the additional option of applying for corona emergency support for research projects that have already been extended on a cost-neutral basis or to extend projects on a cost-neutral basis to those that have already received emergency funding.

As in the past, the DFG will continue to provide additional staff and project funding (including funds for temporary principal investigator positions) for a period of up to three months, providing the precautionary and protective measures taken in response to the coronavirus pandemic have caused delays to a DFG-funded project and additional funds are required for the proper completion of the project. An application can be submitted for these funds if the funding period of a project has ended or is due to end between 1 April 2020 and 30 June 2021. Applications can now also be submitted for projects whose end occurs or has occurred within this period as a result of an approved cost-neutral extension of the project's duration. Research projects whose proposal for emergency support had to be rejected due to the previous regulations and non-consideration of a cost-neutral extension of the project duration may now apply for emergency funding again.

Projects that were granted a cost-effective extension through corona emergency support and were unable to achieve their project objectives within the extension due to the continuing restrictions may now also be extended on a cost-neutral basis following the emergency funding. There will be no deduction/reduction of funds granted as emergency support. Deductions/reductions already made will be withdrawn retroactively on request.

As before, applications for emergency support are to be submitted using DFG form 41.47. Applications for cost-neutral extensions are also to be submitted in accordance with the usual rules.

Further Information

The DFG application form for corona emergency support No. 41.47 is available at:

Please send applications for corona emergency support by e-mail to the following address:


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