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Reports - Topics - News | 2021

IV. Quarter 2021

Prof. Katja Becker signing the MoU

ICMR and DFG conclude Memorandum of Understanding

(20.12.21) Marking a new step in Indo-German research collaboration, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), represented by its Director Prof. Balram Bhargava, and the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG), represented by its President Prof. Katja Becker, have concluded a Memorandum of Understanding which will enable them to jointly fund Indo-German medical research projects.

SGCI-DFG partnership funds three multilateral projects of African research teams until 2024

(06.12.21) Kick-off meeting of SGCI collaborative research projects on the sidelines of the SGCI Annual Forum 2021 marks the launch of three multilateral projects of African research teams until 2024.

African-German Scientific Exchange in the Field of Public Health: Einladung zur Einreichung von Postern

African-German Scientific Exchange in the Field of Public Health: 154 posters from 24 countries

(06.12.21) In the two-step call for proposals, 154 from 24 countries were admitted. Public health researchers from Sub-Saharan Africa and Germany interested in international collaborations are now exploring options for cooperation.

Portrait of Prof. Dr. Marco Prinz

Leibniz Prize winner and neuroscientist Marco Prinz live in New York

(11/29/21) How do microglial cells function in the brain and why do they change from normally being useful helpers to the “bad guys” responsible for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis (MS)? Questions like these were the focus of the lecture by Freiburg-based neuroscientist and Leibniz Prize winner Professor Dr. Marco Prinz at a joint event organized by the DFG Office North America, the German Center for Research and Innovation (DWIH) New York, and the University of Freiburg liaison office on 17 November.

Award ceremony of the Eugen und Ilse Seibold-Prize

(23.11.21) In the year of 160 years of friendship between Germany and Japan the DFG celebrated in an online ceremony and following panel discussion the Eugen und Ilse Seibold-Price 2020 awardees – Professor Dr. Shigeyoshi, Professor Dr. Regine Mathias, Professor Dr. Hidenori Takagi and Professor Kanako Takayama.


DFG and JSPS Renew Funding Opportunity for Japanese-German International Research Training Groups

(09.11.21) As an expression of the long and fruitful scientific collaboration between their two countries, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) are pleased to announce the renewal of an agreement for a joint funding scheme to support Japanese-German International Research Training Groups. Both organisations are dedicated to strengthening the joint researcher development systems for doctoral students in Japanese and German universities.

Symbol picture annual meeting BRAGECRIM and CRI-SCMfg

Virtual annual meeting of the research initiatives BRAGECRIM and CRI-SCMfg

(28.10.21) On 7 October 2021, the annual meeting of the German-Brazilian research initiatives BRAGECRIM (Brazilian-German Collaborative Research Initiative on Manufacturing Technology) and CRI-SCMfg (Collaborative Research Initiative on Smart Connected Manufacturing) took place. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting was held virtually as already in the previous year.

Session I of the virtual German-Russian Week of the Young Researcher (from left): J. Mukherjee (DAAD), K. Becker (DFG), A. Khlunov (RSF), G. Hermani (BMBF), V. Kvardakov (RFBR), Yu. Balega (RAS), B. Grzeski (German Embassy Moscow, via video message),

11th German-Russian Week of the Young Researcher – “Internationalisation of Science and Research during the Pandemic”

(25.10.21) At the end of October, the DFG and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) hosted the 11th German-Russian Week of the Young Researcher at the German Centre for Research and Innovation (DWIH Moscow). Discussion focussed mainly on current challenges and the importance of cross-border research cooperation during the pandemic. The event was held as a one-day online conference due to the pandemic, like last year: opened by DFG President Professor Katja Becker and DAAD President Joybrato Mukherjee, it included impulse statements and a panel discussion.

MDZ special issue “Research and Education” 2021

(21.10.21) This year’s special supplement issued by the bilingual Moscow German Newspaper (MDZ) on German-Russian cooperation in the field of research and education was published in October 2021. The publication offers locally-based German research, funding and intermediary organisations the opportunity to report on their activities in Russia.

Logo 160 years Friendship Germany - Japan

Seibold Prize 2020 online award ceremony, 16th November 2021

(19.10.21) In 2020 the DFG (German Research Foundation) has honoured four researchers with the Eugen and Ilse Seibold Prize. Chemist Professor Dr. Shigeyoshi Inoue from TUM, Japanologist Professor Dr. Regine Mathias from Ruhr-Universität Bochum, materials physicist Professor Dr. Hidenori Takagi from the Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart and jurist Professor Kanako Takayama from the University of Kyoto each receive the €15,000 award.

Purdue Unversity Indiana

“Live” again at last: DFG at the Annual Conference of the German Studies Association (GSA) in Indianapolis

(10/19/21) The 45th Annual Conference of the German Studies Association (GSA) was held in Indianapolis, Indiana between 30 September and 3 October. It was the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic that the DFG Office North America was able to take part in the on-site conference of a professional association.

India as a partner country for German universities – Conference “Connecting Germany and South Asia”

(15.10.21) The conference, in which DFG will participate, will bring together institutions of higher learning from Germany and South Asia. The aim is to discuss questions of science policy as well as explore possibilities of cooperation. The conference could be of particular value for German Universities of Applied Science (UAS, or “HAW” in German), as many Indian institutions are quite similar in to them in mission and culture.

Brochure on the Tenth German-Russian Week of the Young Researcher – “Collaborating Across Borders During the Pandemic”

(05.10.21) For ten years now, the DFG and its Moscow office have organised the “German-Russian Week of the Young Researcher” to focus specifically on bilateral networking and promote early-career researchers in Russia. The 10th anniversary week took place in December 2020 and was dedicated to current challenges facing cross-border research cooperation as well as the new role of science in society at large.

9th Annual Meeting of the Network of Chilean Researchers in Germany – Red INVECA e.V.

DFG Office Latin America Participates in the 9th Annual Meeting of the INVECA Network

(04.10.21) The 9th Annual Meeting of the Network of Chilean Researchers in Germany – Red INVECA e.V. will take place on 15 October from 10 to 13 Chilean time (15 to 18 German time). Biotechnology, energy decarbonisation and social changes will be the main topics of discussion of the 2021 virtual edition.

DFG participates in the 2nd BRAGECRIM – CRI-SCMfg virtual meeting

(04.10.21) The "2021 Joint BRAGECRIM – CRI-SCMfg Virtual Annual Meeting" will take place on 7 October from 9 am to 12 pm (BRT) / 2 pm to 5 pm (CEST). The traditional event will be held virtually for the second time. The objective of the meeting is to bring together annually the participating scientists of the BRAGECRIM – CRI, to discuss the progress of their projects and perspectives for the future.


III. Quarter 2021

Logo DFG and DWIH Tokyo

First DFG-Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize online conference

(30.09.21) The German Centre for Research and Innovation Tokyo (DWIH Tokyo) and the DFG held the first DFG-Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Prize online conference in honour of DFG Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Prize winner 2020, Dr. Fruzsina Molnár-Gábor (Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities) on 17 September 2021. Focussing on ethical, legal, social and data issues, researchers from Germany and Japan discussed current developments in biomedicine and medical research based on a multidisciplinary approach.

Info-session at 7th RMAN-J Annual Conference

(30.09.21) The Research Manager and Administrator Network Japan (RMAN-J) organizes a yearly conference for research managers at universities and research institutes in japan. This year’s conference took place online on 14th and 15th September.

DFG presentation (Mechthild Köhler)

“Days of Ukraine in Berlin and Brandenburg” at FU Berlin

(29.09.21) In mid-September, the DFG participated both online and in person in the “Days of Ukraine in Berlin and Brandenburg”, an event organised by FU Berlin in collaboration with the German-Ukrainian Academic Society to mark the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence and the 70th anniversary of the FU Berlin’s Institute for Eastern European Studies.

Video message from DFG President Katja Becker during the NCN celebration event at the Juliusz Słowacki Theater in Krakow.

DFG President offers her congratulations to mark the NCN anniversary

(27.09.21) The National Science Centre Poland (NCN) celebrated its 10th anniversary at the beginning of September with the involvement of high-ranking international attendees. At the festive event, DFG President Katja Becker paid tribute to the successful cooperation between the DFG and the NCN.

CIRP 2021 Logo

First “Research in Germany” appearance at the General Assembly of the “Collège International pour la Recherché en Productique” (CIRP) 2021

(27.09.21) The “Research in Germany” initiative appeared for the first time at the virtual general meeting of the “College International pour la Recherche en Productique” (CIRP) this year to present the German research scene in the field of production technology.

DFG President Prof. Dr. Katja Becker

New agreement with Spain’s Agencia Estatal des Investigación (AEI)

(22.09.21) In mid-September, a new cooperation agreement between the DFG and the AEI was formally signed at the Spanish Embassy in Berlin by the presidents of the two organisations, Professor Katja Becker and Dr. Raquel Yotti.

20th Congress of the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB)

DFG and DAAD participate in the 20th IUPAB Congress

(17.09.2021) From 4 to 8 October, as part of the activities of the “Research in Germany” in 2021 initiative, the DFG and the DAAD will participate in the 20th Congress of the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB). It will be held together with the 45th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Biophysical Society (SBBf) and the 50th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Biochemical Society (SBBq).

llustrative image of a woman researcher observing a microscope.

DFG President to participate in 20th Gender Summit – LAC

(07.09.21) From September 15 to 23, takes place the 20th Gender Summit – LAC: international event that will be held this year virtually. DFG President, Prof. Dr. Katja Becker, will participate in the opening of the summit, which debates the benefits of gender equality for the quality of scientific production.

Entrance to the virtual GAIN21 conference

“Networking, dialogue and an open-minded attitude”

(08/25/21) At the virtual 21st annual conference of the German Academic International Network (GAIN) from August 25 – 27, postdocs and early career researchers met with international researchers and high-ranking representatives of academia, politics, and business in Germany.

Magazin Cover Vestnik

Message from the DFG President in the journal published by the Russian partner organisation RFBR

(26.07.21) A message from DFG President Katja Becker opens the current issue of the quarterly journal Vestnik published by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR), which is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the partnership between the RFBR and the DFG.

African-German Scientific Exchange in the Field of Public Health: Einladung zur Einreichung von Postern

African-German Scientific Exchange in the Field of Public Health: Invitation to exchange ideas and establish networks

(06.07.21) While scientific exchange and networking between researchers from sub-Saharan Africa and Germany have in the past primarily taken place in the context of physical meetings at conferences and workshops, the DFG and its partner organisations in the region have had to find ways to adapt joint networking activities to the new realities of international cooperation since the beginning of the pandemic.


II. Quarter 2021

Transatlantic Tandem Talk Logo

Feelings Over Facts: A New Look At Language and Political Psychology

(06/28/21) As part of the series “Transatlantic Tandem Talks” (TTT) on June 23, Joris Lammers of the DFG-funded Cluster of Excellence “ECONtribute” and Matt Baldwin of the University of Florida discussed the ramifications of the insight that people are guided by their gut instinct more often than supporters of rational intelligence would like.

Virtual DFG-NSF Research Workshop on Cybersecurity and Machine Learning

(05/26/21) More than a hundred researchers from Germany and the USA met from May 17 and 18 to discuss the challenges and research potential at the interface between cybersecurity and machine learning. DFG Vice President Kerstin Schill and NSF Senior Advisor Erwin Gianchandani gave the opening speeches.

50th anniversary of German-Canadian cooperation in science and technology

(05/26/21) The virtual meeting of the German-Canadian Commission for Scientific and Technological Cooperation (STC) took place on 6 May 2021. With the involvement of various research and funding organizations, Germany and Canada presented the focus areas of a variety of collaborative projects in the fields of education, science, and technology. The STC’s 50th anniversary was celebrated festively at the subsequent virtual launch event on 7 May.

Transatlantic Tandem Talk Logo

Second Transatlantic Tandem Talk: CEPLAS Cluster of Excellence in the spotlight

(05/04/21) On 4 May, the New York office of the University of Cologne, the DWIH New York and the DFG Office North America jointly hosted the second edition of the “Transatlantic Tandem Talks” series, this time focusing on the topic of plant research.

Logo CDZ

Call for the Mobility Programme 2020

(27.04.21) The Mobility Programme of the CDZ for Research Promotion was launched in 2020 for the second time. It serves to facilitate bilateral cooperation on a specific scientific topic.


German Week in St. Petersburg

(27.04.21) The DFG Office Moscow presented the DFG’s funding programmes at “#scienceday de-ru” as part of the 18th German Week in St. Petersburg. Involving more than 30 higher education institutions, research institutions and research funding organisations from both Germany and Russia, the week’s events provided insights into the current world of research and higher education to more than 500 participants.


German-Korean Funding Programme for Joint Workshops and Research Visits

(23.04.21) The DFG and the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) are pleased to announce a call for proposals for German-Korean joint workshops and research visits. This initiative aims to bring together relevant and competitive researchers from Germany and South Korea to establish collaborative scientific relationships and prepare joint projects. Funding is available for the following collaborative measures: exploratory workshops and research visits (max. three months). Proposals documents must be written in English and must be submitted by 9 June 2021.


I. Quarter 2021

Logo ECF

DFG North America at the virtual European Career Fair

(3/31/21) The European Career Fair, (ECF) organized by the European Club of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was held on a virtual platform this year due to the coronavirus. One of the advantages of this was a significant expansion of geographical coverage without any increase in CO2 emissions from air travel.

DFG supports higher education and research cooperation between Lower Saxony and Russia

(25.03.21) DFG Office Moscow presented funding opportunities with Russia and ongoing bilateral collaborations between universities and research institutions in Lower Saxony to an audience of over 120. The online meeting on cooperation in the field of “education, higher education and research" was part of the event cycle “Lower Saxony and Russia: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, which took place as part of the Year of Germany in Russia in March 2021.

GAKhN displaced

DFG project on art research with exhibition in Moscow

(25.03.21) As part of the current Year of Germany, the exhibition “GAKhN displaced” opened in mid-March with the participation of Ruhr University Bochum, the Goethe-Institut and DFG Office Moscow. The DFG-funded project is dedicated to indexing the estate of the State Academy of Art Sciences (GAChN).

Logo APS

“Research in Germany” at the virtual APS March Meeting

(03/24/21) After the American Physical Society was forced to cancel its annual March Meeting at short notice last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event was able to take place securely online this March. From 15 to 19 March, researchers from all over the world had the opportunity to come together virtually for the March Meeting. With over 11,000 participants, it was the largest meeting of the APS to date in terms of numbers.

New Year’s Mixer for German Alumni and Fellows

(02/04/21) For several years now, the German Consulate General New York has invited representatives and alumni of the university liaison offices and funding organizations based in the city to a New Year’s reception at the Consul General’s residence. This year the event was held virtually due to the corona pandemic, but it was still a resounding success with more than 100 guests.

DFG Office Moscow at Workshop on Cluster Formation at Russian Universities

(23.02.21) The Russian “Association of Global Universities” and the German Centre for Research and Innovation (DWIH) Moscow organised a German-Russian exchange involving more than 100 participants on the subject of a new Russian funding programme geared towards promoting the formation of clusters and consortia at universities in Russia. The DWIH and its supporters such as the DFG along with RWTH Aachen University, TU Dortmund University and the Free University of Berlin reported on the funding line and foundation of excellence clusters in Germany.

African-German Scientific Exchange in the Field of Public Health: Einladung zur Einreichung von Postern

African-German Scientific Exchange in the Field of Public Health: Invitation to Submit Posters

(19.01.21) Some 70 scientists from Botswana, Germany, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe were originally due to meet in May 2020 in Maputo/Mozambique for a public health symposium to discuss communicable and non-communicable diseases and health systems research. Unfortunately, the meeting had to be cancelled due to the corona pandemic. 


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