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Reports - Topics - News | 2020

IV. Quarter 2020

In 10 years BRAGECRIM generated a wealth of international dialogue between students and doctoral researchers.

Greater Interaction between German and Colombian Scientists

(11.12.20) Colombia is an important partner for Germany, not only commercially, but also in the scientific and academic field and the DFG has good cooperation with the country. To present and disseminate the opportunities for scientific cooperation between Colombia and the Germans, the “Scientific Workshop on Colombian-German Cooperation” was held on 28 October.

DFG Takes Participate in Mexican Science Day

(05.11.20) On November 4, the virtual Mexican Science Day will take place. The event is organised by the Mexican Embassy in Berlin as part of Berlin Science Week and brings together Mexican and German scientists to present and discuss their projects in health sciences.

Successful Completion of the First International Research Training Group (IGK) in Cooperation with the FAPESP

(05.11.20) Collaborative and interdisciplinary research is becoming increasingly successful worldwide. The exchange of ideas that emerges as a result of varied academic experience has proved productive not just for the scientific community but for society as a whole.

DFG takes part in the “Open Window Day” at the DWIH São Paulo

(19.10.20) The DFG will be participating in the “Open Window Day” organised by the German Centre for Research and Innovation São Paulo (DWIH São Paulo) on 6 October. Once a year, the DWIH São Paulo opens its doors to the public to present its supporters’ activities. This year the event will take place online, though still involving the same broad range of German institutions. During the event, the DFG will present its work in Latin America and its most important funding programmes.

Greater interaction between basic research and industry

Virtual Annual Meeting of the Research Initiatives BRAGECRIM and CRI-SCMfg

(19.10.20) The annual meeting of the two German-Brazilian research initiatives BRAGECRIM (Brazilian-German Collaborative Research Initiative on Manufacturing Technology) and CRI-SCMfg (Collaborative Research Initiative on Smart Connected Manufacturing) took place on 29 September 2020. Due to the corona pandemic, this year's meeting was purely virtual. The originally planned personal meeting in Hamburg was postponed to 2021.

Postdoc in Germany: What? How? Where?

(19.10.20) Even though the coronavirus pandemic is currently restricting life in general, science and research cannot stand still. For this reason, the now traditional information event on postdoctoral opportunities in Germany will be held in virtual format on 9 and 10 November. The DFG will be taking part.


I. Quarter 2020

Illustration of the ultrastructure of 2019-nCoV, showing the corona-like arrangement of the spikes

Combating the Coronavirus Pandemic

(23.03.20) The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is participating in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, and on 19 March 2020 it launched a call for multidisciplinary research into epidemics and pandemics.

At the German institutions' booth: Prof. Dr. Susanne Hilland (University of Heilbronn), Dr. Kathrin Winkler (DFG Latin America), Dr. Ulrike Dorfmüller (DAAD Cuba), Andreas Trepte (MPG Buenos Aires) and Christine Arndt (DAAD)

University Conference in Cuba Focused on Sustainable Development

(10.03.20) Participants at the Universidad 2020 conference presented the research scenario in Cuba and discussed the objectives of a sustainable development agenda.

Participants will have the opportunity to have one-on-one consultations with representatives of German universities, research institutions and funding organisations.

PhD and Postdoc Matchmaking Event in Argentina

(27.02.20) On 16 March, the DFG is participating in a matchmaking event for PhD and postdoctoral researchers in Buenos Aires. The half-day event is aimed at anyone interested in studying and researching in Germany.

In 10 years BRAGECRIM generated a wealth of international dialogue between students and doctoral researchers.

10-Year Partnership Between CAPES and DFG in Production Sciences

(29.01.20) About a decade ago, the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) and CAPES, a foundation which coordinates efforts to improve the quality of Brazil's higher education personnel, published their first call in production sciences. This laid the foundations for the research partnership Brazilian German Collaborative Research Initiative in Manufacturing Technology (BRAGECRIM).

From the exhibition "DIVERSITY MATTERS! - An Expedition Through Biodiversity" - Colourful diversity: forest habitats are brimming with life.

Upward Trend for Biodiversity Research

(29.01.20) Biodiversity is an essential foundation for our lives. It not only encompasses different species of animals, plants, microorganisms, fungi and genetic diversity within species, but also complex ecological processes and interactions in a wide range of habitats on Earth. But biodiversity is under threat, with anthropogenic influence inevitably leading to species extinction. There is only limited reliable information available on the extent and impacts of these losses.


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