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Lecture: Electrochemical technologies for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment

Jackson Rodriguez presents his research at the DWIH-SP

(27.09.13) On September 23rd the German Research Foundation (DFG), the German House for Science and Innovation São Paulo (DWIH-SP) and the German-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in São Paulo (AHK Brasil) organized a lecture on Electrochemical technologies for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. PhD c. Jackson Rodriguez, Director of the Andean Institute of Technology (AIT) in Colombia, presented the results of his PhD thesis, which he completed at the German University RWTH Aachen. Apart from the technical aspects of his work at the Institute for Metallurgic Process Technologies and Metal Recycling, he highlighted possibilities of securing adequate water supply for poorer members of society through the creation of a world heritage platform for technologies that are relevant to society as a whole. Mr Rodriguez also presented this aspect of his work at the 4th Meeting on Water Governance, which took place in São Paulo, Brazil, from the 24th to 26th of September.