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Rules of Good Scientific Practice

Amended and updated white paper entitled "Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice"

The DFG recommendations for safeguarding good scientific practice, published in 1998, were used by the research community to initiate and formulate a system of self-regulation that found a general consensus. A comprehensive system of self-regulation was set up in every registered research institution based on these recommendations.

An amendment and update to the recommendations was approved by the DFG's General Assembly on 3 July 2013.

The resolution passed by the DFG's General Assembly on 17 June 1998 stipulates that researchers in receipt of funding from the DFG must comply with its rules on safeguarding good scientific practice. In accordance with the recommendations, universities and other research institutions which request funding from the DFG must implement Rules 1 to 8 to safeguard good scientific practice at their institutions.

Additional Information

Symposium - "Good Scientific Practice"

The “Good Scientific Practice” symposium organised by the Alliance of German Science Organisations was held on 29.11.2011 in Berlin. It provided politicians and researchers with the opportunity to engage in discourse on good science practice.


The print version of the "Recommendations for safeguarding good scientific practice" can be requested from the DFG Press and Public Relations department:
Michael Hönscheid,
Tel.: +49 228 885-2109

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