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Scientific Networks

Scientific networks offer early career researchers the opportunity to engage in scientific exchange and cooperation on topics of common interest across locations.

A network consists of a set group of people, who, over a defined period of up to three years, will work on a common research topic to attain a specific outcome. Scientific networks may also include researchers based abroad and thus also promote international networking for early career researchers.

Information about the Programme

Name of Funding Instrument

Scientific Networks


To promote scientific exchange and cooperation on topics of common interest across locations

Eligibility Requirements

Qualified early career researchers who hold a doctorate and work at universities and other research institutions in Germany are eligible to submit proposals.

Researchers working at institutions which serve purely commercial purposes or those who are not permitted to publish findings in a generally accessible form are not eligible to apply.

Proposal Requirements

The network must work together to achieve a specific outcome, e.g. a joint publication, a research project, an exhibition, etc.

Type and Extent of Funding

Funding for travel and maintenance costs for 3-6 meetings of network participants and for up to two guests per conference as applicable, miscellaneous costs (coordinative activities) and a publication allowance.

Funding Duration

3 years maximum

Forms and Guidelines

Proposal Deadlines

There is no submission deadline.


Detailed information on the proposal process is available by contacting

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