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Coordinated Programmes

Coordinated programmes promote cooperation and structural innovation by encouraging national and international collaboration in areas of current relevance and by concentrating scientific potential at a university.

Priority Programmes

Priority Programmes provide a collaborative framework in which researchers conduct project work within a broad defined subject area. Participating researchers are free to choose their topics, research plan and methods. Priority Programmes are established to coordinate knowledge and resources in the field in question to produce special scientific value.

Research Training Groups

Research Training Groups are established by universities to promote young researchers. They are funded by the DFG for a period of up to nine years. Their key emphasis is on the qualification of doctoral researchers within the framework of a focused research programme and a structured training concept.

Collaborative Research Centres

Collaborative Research Centres are long-term university research centres in which scientists and researchers work together within a cross-disciplinary research programme.

DFG Research Centres

DFG Research Centres are internationally visible centres of excellence established at selected German universities to bring together outstanding expertise and resources. DFG Research Centres are an important component in a university's strategic and thematic planning and serve to sharpen a university's profile.

Research Units

A Research Unit is made up of a team of researchers working together on a research project which, in terms of thematic focus, duration and finances, extends beyond the funding options available under the Individual Grants Programme or Priority Programme. Research Units provide the staff and material resources required for carrying out intensive, medium-term cooperative projects (generally six years).

Clinical Research Units

Clinical Research Units bring together researchers working at one or more locations to carry out a specific project. The programme provides the staff and material resources required for intensive medium-term cooperation. These units often contribute to establishing new research directions.

Centres for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Humanities Centres for Advanced Studies in the humanities and social sciences are a special type of funding instrument specifically tailored to the working methods used in these particular fields.

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