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Collaborative Research Centres

Collaborative Research Centres are long-term university-based research institutions, established for up to 12 years, in which researchers work together within a multidisciplinary research programme.

They allow researchers to tackle innovative, challenging, complex and long-term research undertakings through the coordination and concentration of individuals and resources within the applicant universities. They therefore enable institutional priority area development and structural development. Cooperations with non-university research institutions are expressly encouraged.

Collaborative Research Centres consist of a large number of projects. The number and scope of these projects depend on the research programme. Individual projects are led by one researcher or jointly by several researchers.

Changes to the Collaborative Research Centre Programme:

  • Flexibilisation: Requirement of concentration at the applicant
    university(-ies) instead of requirement of local concentration
  • Evaluation criteria for review processes and decisions updated

For further information (in German):

Further Information

In addition to Collaborative Research Centres, the DFG offers other coordinated programmes designed to fund large, cooperative research projects and build capacity at universities:

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