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Principles of DFG Funding


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Good Scientific Practice

What are the principles of good scientific practice?

Handling security-relevant research

What is security-relevant research and how does the DFG handle it?

Promoting Equal Opportunity

How does the DFG support equal opportunities in funding research?

Diversity in the Research System

What does diversity mean in research funding?

Quo vadis, proposal?

What route does a project take from the proposal via the review to the decision?

DFG Liaison Officers

What do the DFG liaison officers at the DFG member universities do?

Knowledge transfer

Wie fördert die DFG den Transfer von Erkenntnissen aus DFG-Projekten in gesellschaftliche oder wirtschaftliche Anwendungsfelder?

Legal aspects

What legal framework conditions apply to fixed term and temporary contracts and to remuneration?

Information for Researchers

What subject-specific funding does the DFG offer?

Additional Information

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